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Beginning of our Sustainability Journey

We are committed to reduce waste to a minimum in all our activities, from the processing of fruit and vegetables to the use of packaging materials. Sustainable packaging solutions are limited in Kenya and we are currently developing our own packaging.

Packaging is only used to prolong shelf life where necessary and most of our fast-moving products are sold loose in the retail stores. Wherever we can, we avoid using packaging. Our demand to farm strategy assists us in keeping track of market trends. This enables our farms to plan production in a better way which, helps us reducing the amount of food waste in our supply chain.
We help train small scale farmers on good agricultural practices such as less pesticides, rainwater collection and also quality standards on products.
Any food surplus that is still good for consumption is offered to Children’s home, our partners; Farm to Feed and local communities. Waste generated from our production is often used as animal feed. Fruits and vegetables that cannot be used to feed go into compost.

 We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint!

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